Your External Organ

Ok dirty birds, before you get any ideas, let me tell you what “external organ” I’m talking about:

The environment.

Yes, I said it!  But I don’t mean “the environment,” as in what you try to save by driving a Prius, or by recycling.  Well, I sort of do, but I think the word has been cheapened by those things a bit.

The environment is everything external to you.  Yes, it is the “natural” world – trees, earth, dirt, grass, birds, animals, etc.  It is also your house, the street you live on, your friends neighbors and enemies, your children, your parents, the airplane flying over your house.

Again, “the environment” is everything external to your body.

The “internal organs” of your body are these:

AdrenalsAppendixBladderBrainEyesGall bladderHeartIntestinesKidneyLiverLungsEsophagusOvariesPancreasParathyroidsPituitaryProstateSpleenStomachTesticlesThymusThyroidUterusVeins


The internal organs of the body are “collection of tissues joined in structural unit to serve a common function.”  More importantly, they are the functional units of your body.  They work in harmony to allow you to live.  Without any one of them, you die.

Your “external organ” is the collective “thing” outside of you, that similarly supports your life.  Without any part of your external organ – without plants and animals for food, or plants and sunlight and water for air, or dirt, or the people around you, or the birds, or anything else – you die.

The "Carbon Cycle" - Your External Organ Breathes

Now consider your actions in relation to this external organ of your body.  For the people who are so detached from their own body that they cannot feel it or relate to it, this won’t mean much – but it might be a path back to the body.  It might be easier for them to first understand their relationship to their external organ.

Another Cycle of Your External Organ

Another Cycle of Your External Organ

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  1. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.Any way Ill be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon

  2. alas, methinks you may be preaching to the converted my friend – but the converted includes me and it makes me happy to know I am in great company.
    we must always strive to be positive, hopeful and optmistic -

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