Deciding Values from Actions Rather than Words

If we look at the actions of individuals (or groups) to determine their values, rather than their words, we come much closer to the truth.

From this perspective, what are the values of America, overall?

According to a quick Google and then Google Scholar search of the phrase “most americans are”…

Americans value sports more than arts, and arts more than movies.
Americans value weight-consciousness, as well as being overweight or obese.
Americans value Facebook.
Americans value heart attacks.
Americans value pollution, oil, and machines and technologies requiring those.
Budgetarily, Americans value social security, medicare, and military and military interventions (the last two of which include killing people).

Do Americans value abandonment?

Many of the responses I received from my recent slew of posts about the education system in America said “the system is broken, so we should just abandon it and start over.”

I didn’t know how to react, and it’s taken a couple of days for that trend to really sink in.

But now, thinking about it, I’m forced to ask myself – Do Americans value abandonment?

Given that at least a few of the people I spoke with who supported a total abandonment of the current plan have children, it makes me wonder what their approach to parenting is generally.

If the child doesn’t perform, do you abandon it?

Just questions…

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