Fitness at Civilization’s End

Is the end near?!

Techno-anarchist writers like John Zerzan, Urban Scout, John Gray, and Derrick Jensen (among many others) might say that the end of civilization is near. For instance, Michael Ruppert, in the film “Collapse” (and in his books) discusses “peak oil” and the idea that we’ve already exhausted our supply of fossil fuels

From an historical perspective, we’d have to admit that (so far) all civilizations come to an end. I’ve written about it in depth many times in the past. Though the film is skewed in a sensationalist direction, Collapse does a good job of outlining some basic elements of Western civilization that aren’t sustainable.

But the final conclusion to all of these perspectives (Ruppert is an exception) – that we’re in for the end of civilization and it’s going to be terrible – is an assumption based on a perspective developed within civilization.

I.e., civilization itself is a “pessimistic” structure. So of course, your view of it (from within it) will tend to be pessimistic.

None of these authors attempts to define a new sort of “fitness” that solves the problems they present. Allow me.

We’re developing solutions to some issues – using a cooperative relationship with natural structures!

Filtering water using oysters. Or mushrooms (also good for several other things…).

Recycling plastic with bacteria? Another view here.

Growing food in your own yard? Hell, we do it at my house. We just got five chicks, too, who’ll be producing eggs in about six to nine months. here are some resources:
Urban Farming
The Urban Farm Hub

Water? Find your local aquifer and start getting land-purified drinking water. Stop drinking chlorinated, dead water. And stop polluting your water supply with drugs that you pee out into the toilet.

Participate in your tribe…whoever they are! Find them where you live and enjoy life with them!

Transportation? Reducing your transportation needs (or your needs in general) is the first best step. I don’t think electric is a “solution.” Cars are still built from plastic, which is made from oil.

But reducing is great. Reduce the amount you need and use. Ride a bicycle. Walk. Share rides.

Homes that are self-sustaining?!! Amazing! Watch the film “Garbage Warrior,” or go to the Earthship site to see a new way to build homes.

Funny enough, this type of living directly resembles the way the groups featured in the study The Blue Zones live. They’re the groups where everyone tends to live to be 100 years old or older.

This is a life that is reconnected to the land. Where people are directly connected to their use of resources.

It takes effort. It’s the best workout you can get.

This is the type of fitness we’ll need in order to live happily as a species on this planet, without killing ourselves and everything else!

So get fit!!

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