What’s the ideal workout to achieve your goal?

I’ve written about this a little bit in the past, but recently it’s really been gnawing at me -

the idea that workout recommendations to date have been mostly based on distillations of programs done by “the greats” of any given discipline…

In other words – the “science” of training is mostly hearsay.

Read the research if you dare. It mostly revolves around isolated populations of moderately trained individuals doing programs for eight to twelve weeks.

There is some longitudinal research, which says that adaptations in the first eight to twelve weeks are all neural. The nervous system learns how to do the movement better.

After about twelve weeks this fades, and other things have to happen.

But the real “progress” of “progressive resistance” comes from a place that remains hidden to the eyes of Western science.

It isn’t motivation, but motivation fuels it.

It’s the desire to do…to do more…to do as much as possible…and then to do it again…

It’s the burgeoning force of life bursting out of you.

“The Greats” are the ones who exhibited this. They trained day in and day out, relentlessly, at volumes that make “normal” people say “they must’ve been on steroids” (even the ones before the invention of steroids).

But at least some of them weren’t. They were on a much more powerful drug – the feeling of power that comes from engaging 100%.

Herschel Walker, Paul Anderson, Dan Gable…etc. etc…

The ones people look up to. The ones about whom people ask “what was their program?”

Their program was – feel the surge of life and ride it till it leaves you wrung out on the floor, then come back as soon as possible for more!

The only meaningful program.

Get in touch with this force, and you’ve found the ideal workout to achieve your goal…

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