The Baseline – Change Is Painful

As a good friend of mine said earlier this week:

Getting more fit, or better at any discipline, requires a Herculean effort!

No joke, right?

Running as fast as I could for 15 minutes straight this morning, I couldn’t help but feel terrible pain.

Change is painful. It doesn’t matter what type of change you’re talking about. Children are smart, they just go ahead and scream about it till they fall asleep.

Adults aren’t quite so smart. They, instead, look (unconsciously, usually) for any way out, under, or around the issue.

Hence an entire economy of extremely successful, fast-fix gimmicks, pharmaceutical snake-oil, “self-help” media, psych-ologists and -I artists, entertainers, and “religious” figures.

All trading growth for the illusion of safety, ease, and comfort. All borrowing from the present at the expense of he future.

I propose a new culture. One not so pusillanimous. One tat embraces the pain of change and learns to respect it.

Who’s with me?

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