Another Barefoot Seminar

Charlie Reid and I held another talk on barefoot running at the Sports Basement in Potrero Hill this past Thursday.

First, I want to thank everyone who attended (if you’re reading this).  We had a great turnout and some great questions from the attendees.

To sum:

START SLOWLY! – if you’re like most people, you’ve been wearing shoes most of your life.  Don’t rush into barefooting.  Take it slowly.

Crawl, Walk, Jog, Run – start like a baby, by crawling.  Do bear crawls more often.  Charlie and I both really like the effect the bear crawl has on the musculoskeletal system.  Try it!  Once you’ve done that, start walking barefoot for a while before you jog or run.

Soft and Silent – your footfalls should be as soft and silent as possible.  In the beginning this will take conscious effort.  As you become more accustomed to being barefoot, it will become natural to land this way.

Gait is Speed-Dependent – it is perfectly natural for human beings to heel-strike when walking – at very slow speeds! The faster you go, the more you come up onto your forefoot.  Barefoot jogging is more of a mid-foot strike.  The walking “fox-walk” is a very special walk for special purposes…

Fast Turnover – the foot turnover speed for a good barefoot jog is about 180 beats per minute.  90 strikes per foot, per minute.  You can download a metronome program for your iPhone or other device, or get a runner’s metronome to help you get used to this fast cadence.

Is that it?!  Oh yeah – HAVE FUN!

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